Internet –
The reason that we are connected together.
The reason we built Haatch Interactive
The reason behind you are seeing this post today.

Lets celebrate International Internet Day with creating, connecting and sharing respect and we believe, today is the right day to start our blog.

so, lets start with some points to make this internet safer

1. Don’t share personal information

Help your children to surf the net safely

2. Always be nice

Treat others as you’d like to be treated

3. Your kids & the Internet

You never know who is on the other side

4. Be careful when opening links

Don’t click directly on them

5. Use secure passwords

Use different passwords and change them regularly

6. Keep an eye on mobiles and tablets

They’re one of the main points of infection

7. Learn to recognize scams

Don’t fall for winning a lottery that you never even entered

8. Use a good security solution

Keep your PC protected with recent security software

9. Be careful with public Wi-Fi

Anybody could be connected to these public networks